Sunday, October 23, 2011

MM Part 3 : One word too many

A short walk to the centre of the village and back.  Hans mentions Marusja and realizes that his cousin is not indifferent to her. It disturbs Hans realizing this. The conversation is strained after that. Joachim has his mind elsewhere.

3. Death

Marusja seems to be very ill too. Joachim obviously likes her, but refrains too make contact with her either because he hopes to go back to the real world soon or because it is useless to love a terminally ill girl.

6. Note

Hans beating heart and the foul taste of his Maria Mancinis are still indications he is not acclimatized yet. Or does his heart beat in expectation? Does his mind dictate the body ? Or is his heart beating on reasons of her own?

Glockenspiel refers to Joachim’s remark on measuring time with a clock

The horizontal people