Sunday, October 23, 2011

MM Part 3 : Clarity of Mind

This short chapter starts with clarity of mind and a dissertation on time and ends with a numbed mind after one Kulmbacher beer

2. Time

“What Time actually means…” : Joachim means : to realize the duration it takes
The length of time depends on how you experience it says Hans
Joachim disagrees. It can be measured mechanically with a clock. It is the same for everybody.
Hans says that this is wrong; Measuring time by the movement of the clocks hand in space is as wrong as measuring space with the time needed to walk, bike or run tha distance

What is the organ for our sense of time ?
Hans concludes : all about time is convention

4. Eros

Introduction of big breasted pretty Marusja. We notice that she has some effect on our friend Joachim.

5. Geography

Marusja, like all sexy girls from Russia

6. Note

The door bangs for a second time

Krokowski speaks to Marusja ( dirty talk ? Hans does not understand Russian, but she keeps her eyes down.

The neighbours of Hans sit at the bad Russian table

A cigar is kept seven minutes in the mouth