Sunday, October 23, 2011

MM Part 3 : But of course – a Female!

Noon of the second day and back to the restaurant for the third time. Two incidents are reported. A major new personage is introduced.

1. Building

Joachim hates unpunctuality, remember that he stands for discipline.

Third bang of the door and her she comes, Clawdia Chauchat, the young women , a girl really, who will have such an impact on Hans that we can safely consider her the second major Mentor of our hero.
Again there is also something negative about her: her manners, her uncared hands, her carelessness, she is married but is alone at the Sanatorium

Hans heart is still beating too fast and he has now traces of blood in his snot. The cigars still don’t taste as they should.

2. Time

Sitting at the tables as if they never left them…. Everlasting dinners? The monotony pleases Hans.

3. Death

Blumenkohl, the most ill of the table, has to flee the dining room to vomit sputum. He is on his last legs, Frau Stohr remarks. Blumenkohl vomits in a blue glass container specially made to collect sputum thought to be infectious. ( See Blue Henri )

4. Eros

-          Behrens sits at the table of Frau Salomon attracted by her deep décolleté
-          Captain Miklosisch is a beast of prey when it comes to women, Frau Stohr gets all excited by it just imagining it.
-          Seeing Clawdia’s face, Hans is reminded of someone or something. It is an important detail as you will notice.  

5. Geography

Clawdia, like pretty Marusja is Russian as you could have expected, everything sensual, erotic comes from the east. She is from the Caucasus, has blond reddish hair, broad cheekbones and narrow eyes. She is a babe. Her name can be read as chaud chat, hot pussy! Wohooooo

6. Note

The adolescent boy’s wiping of eyes will come back later