Thursday, October 27, 2011

MM 4 : Table Talk

Hans head has a slight tremor thought to come from an inner excitement. We learn more about Madame Chauchat.

  1. Eros
Hans is ashamed for the behavior of Clawdia, as if he has to account for her bad manners.

Frau Engelhart, Hans table neighbor has understood that there is a certain emotional bond between HC and CC. Her name might indicate she acts as a surrogate Cupido. For she starts “breaking into raptures about Mme Chauchat”, egging Hans on, promoting Chauchat. FE acts as a matchmaker.

Poor Hans, the comments of Englehart must make him crazy: what a charming way she has about her – like a kitten slinking to its bowl of milk – (notice animal imagery)

Russian women are by their very nature so very free and liberal.

You are not supposed to know what Chauchat first name is. Minka ? Tatyana ? Natasha ? Avdotya ? Katyenka ? Ninotchka ? but then it turns out to be Clawdia.

Hans is clearly in love: humming, cheerful, singing, heart pounding. Ah l’amour ! ( Mac turns eyes upward )

  1. Geograph

Clawdia is no Kirghiz but from Daghestan beyond the Caucasus.

  1. Notes