Thursday, October 27, 2011

MM 4 : Doubts and Considerations

 Tuesday. Hans is now one week at the Sanatorium. He gets his weekly bill. 180 Swiss Francs. ( can anybody calculate what that would be in today’s money?)

Clearly running Sanatoria is big business. ( Board of directors, Joint-stock, juicy dividends )

  1. Bildung

The paradox of the sick physician. Again Hans doubts and considerations makes us cringe.

  1. Notes

Although Hans sees nothing to complain about, I think the bill is a genuine scandal.

-         HC as a visitor has to pay for medical treatment.
-         HC has to pay an entrance fee
-         HC has to pay for the disinfection of the room

I think that it is rather romantic that Behrens has chosen to stay close to his buried wife.

Krokowski’s office is described as a hellish den in the underground: Murky twilight, deep dusk. See the image of the woman escaping, in shock we think, from the office of K.