Friday, September 11, 2009

Zhivago's children : the last russian intelligentsia.

In the London review ( LRB ) there is this week an article about a book by Vladislav zubok : Zhivago's children : the last russian intelligentsia.Sheila Fitzpatrick comment on it ( Cultivating their Dachas ) explains the different moods and doings of the post war intellectuals in Russia. If read carefully, you understand the logic behind the story of the book M&M. Why it was written in secret, why it suddenly could surface and why it had to go underground immediately after that.One sentence especially caught my attention : The post war intelligentsia were (quote ) regularly falling back in the bad habits of conformism, cowardice, mutual denunciations, cynicism and hypocrisy ( unquote )of all these vices, we know by now which was the worst