Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hotel Bristol in Oslo

I stayed at Hotel Bristol in Oslo last Thursday. As soon as you enter the lobby you experience the unique traditional style that characterizes the hotel, an air of elegance that has been maintained since the first guests were welcomed in 1920. With its drawing room atmosphere, it is difficult to believe that you are in the centre of busy Oslo. The beautiful Bar (Bibliotekbaren) is decorated as a library, containing easily 1500 to 2000 volumes. Unfortunately for the foreign traveller, they all seem to be in Norwegian. I recognized some names like Ibsen for instance and Hamsun. I was wondering if the library was a real collection of books, presented as a consolation for the weary traveller or if the books where used as an upmarket wallpaper. The bar is a popular meeting place for different cultural personalities and the best celebrity-spotting place in Oslo. You will hear interviews, informal meetings and lively discussions. It is also the place to discover the deeper psychological meaning behind Munch’s “scream”. The guy is simple horrified by the price of the beer!