Sunday, November 13, 2011

MM Part 6: An outburst of temper / Something very embarassing

August, HC is one year on the mountain…

Ring of Polycrates : One cannot escape ones destiny. I miss the joke here. What was Stohr thinking of?

Joachim is moody and up to something. The weather which is bad darkens the mood. Joachim is rebelling against his stay. HC is scared. If Joachim leaves, he will be left alone on the mountain. Worse, if Joachim stops his cure, HC fears he will die.

An uncovered secret love affair turns into a scandal and Behrens has to expel the three culprits. Why is this important? To explain Behrens later outburst of temper? Or are the guests of the Sanatorium slipping more and more into immorality and scandalous behaviour?

Joachim: “Director Behrens…I have decided to depart”. Joachim takes up the responsibility for his health and decides to go to the army in the flatlands.

Behrens in a frustrated rage ( I think ) has an outburst of temper. Interestingly he says that Hans is cured and can leave too. Hans cannot accept this and wants to stay in the Sanatorium – …(for) HC a departure seemed impossible… he had to wait for Clawdia Chauchat”

HC remembers Herr Albin’s suicidal boast he once overheard: the sweetness of deciding to give up.

Joachim was for HC an example of self-discipline and order. What will happen if this influence disappears? Hans has slipped in to silence and inaction. He is likened to the Quietists.

When the cousins say adieu to each other at the railway station where they met a year ago, both get emotional. Joachim uses for the first time Hans first name. With his last words he urges Hans to come soon to the flatlands too…

Hans is on his own…