Thursday, November 3, 2011

MM Part 5 : Mercury’s moods


1. Time

Months slip into the next without one noticing. Nature with the evergreens gives no clear sign either of changing seasons

2. Eros

Hans is often silent, thinking about Clawdia ? An intoxication he does not want to be rid off ? Drunken with Love ?

Hans compares the things Settembrini said and how he feels about Clawdia. All the annoying things ( door slamming, nail biting…etc ) which offended him earlier on, do not disturb him anymore. Instead it are the comments of Settembrini who annoy him now.

Hans is crossing borders, both in his opinions and attitudes. He slumps in his chair, let doors bang etc…

Mann confirms what we know already: Hans has fallen head over heels in love with Clawdia

He gives two examples of how Hans gets immense joys out of trivial events.

Everybody is aware of Hans love for Clawdia, Joachim included.

HC hurries up the mountain to overtake Clawdia walking in front of him.
Joachim tries to follow him but because of his illness strains himself, but for HC too, it is a bit too much. Because of the effort or the renewed contact with la Clawdia, his temperature is rising again.

Twice, the ill Clawdia is compared and preferred to a healthy little goose from down below. Against Settembrini’s advice HC still sees something superior in being ill.

3. Note

The narrator intervenes directly in the text “ We have as much right as anyone to private thoughts about the story unfolding here…” and says : “ HC would not have stayed with the people up here…if some satisfying answer about the meaning and purpose of life had been supplied…”