Thursday, November 3, 2011

MM Part 5 : Freedom

Week 7 and October is close at hand. Hans sends a long postponed letter home to prepare himself for a longer winter. He needs more money, clothes and other stuff. He in fact cuts himself free from the world down below.

1.      Building

Two young patients are complaining:

Hermine Kleefeld: “We’ve been cheated out of it ( summer ) just as we’re cheated out of everything else in life”
Ganser: “ Not even a dog, would want to go on living like this much longer…”

Settembrini warns Hans not to believe them, they lead a free and easy life…,  and ads a new lesson:

Lesson nr. 5:  Beware of irony as an intellectual stance… it becomes a source of depravity, a barrier to civilization…etc etc

“Illness and despair are often only forms of depravity”

“Paradox is the poison flower of quietism…the greatest depravity of all.”

Hans tentatively objects and compares Settembrini’s opinions with those of Krokowski

But analysis too can be good or bad, depending on it’s use to free men ( from preconceptions for instance ) or not.

Hans changes subject and speaks about his view of the skeleton of his hand.

I am not sure how to understand these things about paradox – irony – analysis etc, three pedagogic tools ( ? ) which can be used both in a positive or negative way ? Help anybody ?

2. Time

How has Hans experienced these 7 weeks, like 7 days or 7 years ?

3. Eros

“Russians, male and female…”Hans has the impression that Settembrini is aware of his infatuation with Clawdia. Is he jealous ?

4. Geography

Parthians and Scythians = the Russian = the threat of the east

5. Note

Quietism = mystical surge for God in lifetime
X ray : analytical pit : a way to keep hans at the Sanatorium…