Saturday, October 22, 2011

MM Part 3 : Teasing / Viaticum / interrupted Merriment

Alexey Venetsianov : Viaticum

The cousins make a short walk up the hill and take a rest on a bench. 

1. Bildung

Hans is still not his usual self. His beloved Maria’s do no taste as they should. Joachim conforts Hans that he will get used to the life “up here”

3. Death

“illness and death” are no serious matter up here

“They deal with the death quite discreetly…” Hans starts to wonder about dying.

Joachim recounts the Hujus girl story: the misery and terror of dying. The young girl sees the approaching priest who is going to administer her the viaticum as a personification of death and is terrified.

Hans finds that there is something respectable in someone dying and that the moribund deserves respect.
Joachim and Behrens find that there is a certain way one should behave when dying.

6. Note

Joachim’s coughing and the fact that the stroll in the meadow is taxing for him reminds us that he is very ill.

Hermine Kleefeld whistles at the boys with her pneumothorax.
The Half lung club : Kleefeld, Levi, Iltis

Viaticum, sacrament for the dying