Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scandinavian Words

Some years ago I was an intensive traveller on North European routes. The many flights I took were mainly booked on SAS or related airlines. One very much appreciated incentive besides the" bonuspoints" was that they distributed a small book collection through their VIP lounges.
I collected a total of 18 books. I don't know if this is the full collection but SAS stopped distributing them after some time...

01 August Strindberg : Alone
02 Herman Bang : The Four Devils
03 Sigbjorn Obstfelder : Two short stories
04 Victoria Benedictsson : From the darkness
05 Georg Brandes : Thoughts on the Turn of the century
06 Hendrik Ibsen : When we dead awaken
07 Ola Hansson : Sensitiva Amorosa
08 Gustave Wied : Two Satirical Dramas
09Christian Krohg : Four Portraits
10Anne Charlotte Leffler : Woimanhood and eroticism
11 Hendrik Pontoppidan : Burgomaster Hoeck and His Wife
12 Arne Dybfest : One Alone
13 Oscar Levertin : Reviews
14 Holger Drachmann : The Slippery Slope
15 Knut Hamsun : Hunger
16 Selma Lagerlof : Letters from Jerusalem
17 Johannes V. Jensen : Nordic Myths
18 Edvard Munch : Notes of a Genius