Saturday, May 9, 2009

Musing : Reader's block and Reader's blog :

I find myself again in that “reading confusion”. The situation is like this: On my night table are four half read books, Justine, The Master and Marguerite, Proust both in a comic and normal version and even a literary companion to Paris. This not being enough, I am also preparing an order form for the Folio Society’s new edition of Moby Dick.
This is exactly what I want to avoid with the discipline necessary to keep on feeding this blog. First read each book to the end. Keep notes on what you read in order to write an intelligent review. Finally post the review on the Blog and the Librarything website. Only then pick up the next book. So in order to correct the situation, I’ll finish Justine first, then comment on Heuet ‘s Combray.