Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bertrand chiado

Stop !

This lousy picture (not worth of this blog anyway) depicts partially (very partially) a building façade made of beautiful blue glazed tiles. Imagine this building three stories high, a few buildings wide and completely covered this way. Now look closer, could this building be a library? In the windows books are presented left and right. The white arrow on the blue sign points to the name of the shop. Horizontally you can imagine a name written in a handsome letter type whose only aim is to be unreadable : Livraria Bertrand. 

Now read vertically on the corner piece: fundado em 1732. Seventeen hundred thirty-two, that makes this library 284 years old!

It is indeed a lousy picture of the oldest, Guiness - certified, still operating library in the world, Bertrand Chiado, Rua Garrett, 73-75 –Lisboa, visited on 17 July.

On the other side of the street is the life-size statue of Fernando Pessoa having his coffee. An ideal place to muse one's photographic talents.