Saturday, November 17, 2012

Folio society membership 2013

I choose conservatively for my 2013 membership. Rather than investing in six unknown books,  half of the titles I choose, were books I already owned and liked a lot: Eco's "In the name of the rose", Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin" and Bulgakov's "Master and Margatita". Beautiful illustrated and masterly crafted editions replace the pockets.

Still, 3 titles are new : Melville's short stories, Vargas Llosa 's "War at the end of the world" and Cherry - Garrrard's "Worst Journey", according to the National Geographic , the best of the travel stories.

I am proud to add that I sponsored part of the refurbishment of Scott's South Pole hut a few years ago. It is a monument of human endeavor and bravery, that we should protect for the next generations. 

But that's another story...