Friday, December 30, 2011

TBR 2012

Mikhail Nesterov :
On the Eve of Annunciation Feast. 1895. The Russian Museum

1. Moby Dick By Herman Melville
2. Arjun & the good snake by Rick Harsch
3. Leys & other works by Victor Segalen
4. Danton & other works by Georg Buchner
5. Williwaw by Gore Vidal
6. Pale fire by Nabokov
7. To the end of the world & other works by Blaise Cendrars
8. As I lay dying by Faulkner
9. La route des Flandres by Claude Simon
10. Kaputt by Malaparte
11. The periodic table by Primo Levi
12. Cloche – Merle by Gabriel Chevallier
13. Shipwrecks by Akira Yoshimura
14. Dark avenues by Ivan Bunin
15. The Scorpion God by William Golding
16. Labyrinth by Alain Robbe-Grillett
17. Montaigne
18. What’s bred in the bone by Robertson Davies
19. L’empire des senses by Roland Barthes
20 Dante in Love by Wilson