Sunday, November 6, 2011

MM Part 5 : Research

It turns winter and HC is still on the mountain. He finds it a bit strange to celebrate Christmas away from his family for the first time.

1. Bildung

Hans is in a state of excitement. He is now filling his empty days with scientific study. Anatomy, Physiology, Biology. He tries to understand, at least scientifically, “What is Life?. Even when he involves himself in the deepest scientific thoughts, his mind produces visions of a body hovering before him with eyes having a slanted look because of a racial variation, pouting lips, smiling, leaning charmingly, etc etc and now that we are at it lets continue… the night of the pubic region – mystic triangle – pungent darkness of the armpits  - red mouth – the navel – the red buds of the breast.

Mann, incidentally gives a good summary of what is scientifically known and not known at the moment he writes his book. Like with early psychology ( Freud ) and early physics ( Einstein ) you feel that we are at a threshold here… Genetics with it’s DNA is not there yet, microbiology neither…but the notion that the infinitesimal small connects to the unimaginable vast is already understood…”The atom was an energy – laden cosmic system”

It is rather funny but it remembers me of my own scientific quest and period of “scientific readings” on “Live”. Sagan, Gribbin, Prygogin, Fritjof Capra etc…

What to conclude of all this readings? That Life itself is an illness? A cancerous stimulation of the immaterial?

In the end, even this chapter on the scientific explanation of life, can only end with the fantasy of a first kiss.

2. Time

See :people leaping over the weeks. Christmas – New year – Mardi Gras. Something HC is not used to practicing.

3. Eros

Fun: Herr Albin’s dirty book : The Art of seduction. Women fight over it.

4. Note

We are reminded that the Sanatorium is a special place, now certainly under all that snow. It is now even more removed from the flatlands. See : the world seemed to be under a spell...trapped inside a fantastic dream of fatal enchantment…bewitched valley…