Monday, October 24, 2011

MM Part 3 : Satana makes shameful suggestions.

We follow the cousins to tea-time and then to supper. Hans who is tired and drowsy cannot stand the half glass of beer he drinks and gets a bit drunk. Unprepared he has a second encounter with Settembrini.

1.       Building

Seeing Clavdia, Hans Castorp is for the second time reminded of something or someone else.

Meeting Settembrini :
-          he insults him by calling him an organ grinder
-          HC finds himself wiser
-          HC confirms his young age : 24
-          HC makes a fool of himself babbling nonsense in front of the pedagogue

Settembrini gets angry and admonishes Hans “ pull yourself together !” then he says :
“Since your stay here appears not to be good for you… how would it be , if you were to pack your things tonight and ( leave )

Settembrini already foresees that Hans is going to waste his time at the Sanatorium. As a humanist, supporter of work, he urges Hans back to the real world and go do his duty as the young promising engineer he is.

Unfortunately at that moment HC catches a glimpse of Chauchat’s narrow eyes and broad cheekbones and is again remembered of someone. He refuses Settembrini’s supposition for the sake of reason and courage, but we have all reasons to believe it is for Clawdia that he stays.

Settembrini recounts the story of the girl Kneiffer ( as a warning ? ) who lost all sense of reason and decided to stay on the mountain although she was not ill anymore.

2.       Death

Joachim recounts the story of the student who hanged himself. Hans considers returning back home !

3.       Eros

Check Krokowski and his ladies
The Russian neighbours of Hans Castorp have a second go at it ! Scandalous ! Outrageous !
Hans realizes with sympathy that Joachim is in love with Marusja

4.       Notes

Silent sister. A thermometer without grading
Settembrini is named Satana
Hans understand that if you are not ill, you are not important. It is a honour to be healthy, a dishonour to be unhealthy

A second dream is a nice summary of this second day and effectively closes the third chapter.

Behrens marches like Tous – les –deux, this personification of death Hans saw in the early morning
Behrens offers Hans a few years of stay at the Sanatorium
He wipes his eyes like the adolescent boy at the table
Hans meets beautiful Clawdia in his old schoolyard. He borrows a short ( phallic ) red pencil in a silver holder. She has a pleasant husky voice and asks the pen back when he is finished. Hans remembers who it is Clawdia makes him think of, but does not name her / him.
He is fleeing in panic because Krokowski is chasing him
He pushes Settembrini away with his shoulder ( because he stands in the way ? )
A beast of prey run through with a spear.
And finally, Hans kissing the inside of the hand of Clawdia. He dreams this twice.

Everything is set for a first battle for Hans soul. It is, as you have probably understood, Settembrini’s reason versus Clawdia’s erotic attraction. Settembrin has already suggested Hans to leave. Clawdia doesn’t have to do anything, her animal attraction might be enough to keep Hans at the Sanatorium.

To be continued …