Thursday, October 27, 2011

MM 4 : Analysis

Hans, still unsettled by his lonely walk, arrives in the nick of time for Krokowki’s conference. There is a free chair in the back of the room where he urgently sits down. The person right in front of him is “La Clawdia”! It turns out to be, quite an exciting chapter.

  1. Bildung

Hans thinks that the loose manners of Mme Chauchat are due to a certain “laissez-aller” à la Herr Albin, in the face of death.

  1. Eros

Hans is sitting right behind Clawdia who holds herself as if she is standing on all fours: her back rounded (mentioned three times in the text ), shoulders drooping forward but thrusting her head out…the arm barely clad, the hand so suffocating close to his face.

Krokowski is a caricature of early psychiatry and like Freud is sex obsessed. K is talking dirty. Krokowski described like a real Rasputin…including the Monastic sandals

Erotic images abound: Images of watery milk… sperm ? Very stiff things…Open gasping mouths, Perversion here, perversion there,

Conclusion of Krokowski conference: Illness is transformed Love !!! Unsanctioned love reappears as illness!!! Imagine that.

HC understands it all: Women dress “ just to arouse our ardent desires”. It is accepted because it is the way to get pregnant. He continues: Is there any point in wearing sexy clothes when you are ill? When you are not suited for motherhood? … ought to be considered improper, to be forbidden”. (Hans, what are you saying ?!)
And here comes the conclusion one might expect… “Because a man to be interested in a sick woman was certainly no more reasonable than…well, than for Hans Castorp to have pursued his silent interest in Pribislav Hippe back then”.

Hans has still lots of things to learn.

  1. Notes

Krokowski takes the pose of Jesus on the cross

… all ye that labour and are heavy laden… ( pregnancy ?)

Strange last sentence. Both cousins are avoiding to speak about the love theme. Because it is inappropriate? Does Joachim refrain to make advances towards Marusja because she is ill? Because, like Hans said because she is not suited to Motherhood, because it is no use for she will be death soon?